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Section I. Counseling Veterans and Military Families  

Article 43. Perseverance and Progress: Career Counseling for Military Personnel With Traumatic Brain Injury
Seth Hayden, Leigh Green, and Katherine Dorsett
Article 44. Suicide Among Veterans and the Implications for Counselors
Angie Waliski
Article 45. Comparison of Civilian Trauma and Combat Trauma
Kristin A. Vincenzes  

Section II. Counseling Families and Adults  

Article 46. The Tug of War Child: Counseling Children Involved in High Conflict Divorces
Ruth O. Moore, Ann Ordway, and Joshua Francis
Article 47. Clergy Families: The Helpless Forgotten’s Cry for Help Answered Through Reality Therapy
Michelle E. Aulthouse
Article 48. Partner Support in Pregnancy: Can Prenatal and Postpartum Couples Therapy Reduce Postpartum Pathology and Strengthen Mother-Offspring Attachment?
Cal D. Ledbetter
Article 49. The Effectiveness of Brief Strategic Family Therapy With At-Risk African American Adolescents
Wendy K. Killam and Bill Weber
Article 50. Counseling the Polyamorous Client: Implications for Competent Practice
Adrianne L. Johnson  

Section III. Counselor Education  

Article 51. Gatekeeping in Counselor Education Programs: An Examination of Current Trends
Jill K. Bryant, Mark Druyos, and Dana Strabavy
Article 52. A Framework for Teaching Undergraduate Courses on Counseling Psychology: Implications for Occupational and Educational Aspirations
Courtney E. Gasser
Article 53. Training of School Counselors
Kelly A. Kozlowski and Susan Huss  

Section IV. Effective Counseling Tools and Techniques  

Article 54. Using the 2WHO-SCAN Mnemonic to Respond to Bullying Survivor’s Needs
Gerald A. Juhnke, Brenna A. Juhnke, and Kathryn L. Henderson
Article 55. Exploring the Mind-Body Connection: Therapeutic Practices and Techniques
Jan C. Lemon and Buddy Wagner
Article 56. Exploring the Role of Time Alone in Modern Culture
William Z. Nance and Melinda Mays
Article 57. Obesity Is Not New--Addressing It in Counseling Is
Judith R. Warchal and Paul West  

Section V. The Impact of Technology on Counseling  

Article 58. Why Can’t We Be Friends? Maintaining Confidentiality in the Age of Public Access
Heather A. Warfield, Stephen D. Kennedy, and Megan Hyland Tajlili
Article 59. Using Virtual Reality Environments to Improve the Career Self-Efficacy of Minority Students: An Introduction
Wendy-lou L. Greenidge  

Section VI. Multicultural Issues in Counseling  

Article 60. Multicultural Counseling Competencies: Extending Multicultural Training Paradigms Toward Globalization
Saundra Tomlinson-Clarke
Article 61. Teaching the Multicultural Counseling Course: Facilitating Courageous Conversations and Transformational Multicultural Pedagogy
Michelle Mitcham and Wendy-lou Greenidge
Article 62. Mapping Publications in Counseling Journals on African American Family Issues Over the Past 20 Years
Cirecie West-Olatunji, Melanie Varney, Rachel Henesy, Jillian Vella, Joseph Johnson, and Jennifer Gunn
Article 63. Enhancing Multicultural Empathy in the Classroom and Beyond: A Proposed Model for Training Beginner Counselors
Jorge Garcia, Gerta Bardhoshi, Matthew Siblo, Sam Steen, and Eileen Haase
Article 64. Understanding the Unsaid: Enhancing Multicultural Competence Through Nonverbal Awareness
Michael A. Mariska and Laura K. Harrawood

Section VII. Research and Evaluation  

Article 65. Thought Suppression and Mindfulness: A Randomized Controlled Study
Danielle Richards and William E. Martin, Jr.
Article 66. The Halo Effect: Considerations for the Evaluation of Counselor Competency
Christopher S. Hennington, Loretta J. Bradley, Charles Crews, and Elizabeth A. Hennington  

Section VIII. School Counseling  

Article 67. Girl Wars: Using Play Therapy to Address Relational Aggression With Middle School Girls
Lisa J. Randall and Kristy A. Brumfield
Article 68. A National Study on Crisis Intervention: Are School Counselors Prepared to Respond?
Le’Ann L. Solmonson and Wendy Killam
Article 69. School Counselor Consultation: Enhancing Teacher Performance Through Rational Emotive-Social Behavioral Consultation
Jeffrey M. Warren and Stanley B. Baker
Article 70. Smoke and Mirrors: Screening for the Detection of Adolescent Substance Use Disorders—What School Counselors Should Know
Benjamin P. Kelch and Angel Rhodes  

Section IX. Substance Abuse  

Article 71. Changes in College Students’ Readiness to Change Scores Following a Substance Abuse Assessment-Interview With a Counselor-in-Training
Jane Warren, Courtney McKim, Meaghan Nolte, and Jennifer Weatherford  

Section X. Trauma, Grief, Disaster, and Crisis Counseling  

Article 72. Current Topics in Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Rose McMahill
Article 73. When Treatment Becomes Trauma: Defining, Preventing, and Transforming Medical Trauma
Michelle Flaum Hall and Scott E. Hall
Article 74. Shared Trauma of Crisis Counselors and Other Disaster Relief Workers After the 2010 Haiti Earthquake
Karin Jordan