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VISTAS 2013 Spring and Winter articles are available online and in the ACA Library!

Find articles in the searchable library database found on ACA's web site. VISTAS articles can be accessed through the ACA Knowledge Center VISTAS page

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VISTAS 2012 articles are available online and in the ACA Library!

Find over 100 fascinating, useful, and varied articles written by counselors like you. Articles, written from diverse perspectives and experiences, speak to the wealth of knowledge counselors have to share with one another. Come in, readstay awhile! Then consider what you have to contribute to your peers and profession and submit an article. Find out more below.

The all-digital VISTAS 2011 is ready to read and bigger than ever! Enjoy a diverse group of articles written by counseling professionals from a variety of positions. You will find high quality articles that are both interesting and useful. You may find answers to questions you didn't even know you had!

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American Counseling Association Professional Counseling Digests (ACAPCD)
We have collected the full list of all ACAPCDs in one place for your convenience.

Topic Sort
The Topic Sort gathers related articles from VISTAS’ inception. The topics are broad categories arranged by by the year they were added to VISTAS and the heading as it was presented at that time.

A Brief History of the VISTAS Project

VISTAS is an innovative publication produced for ACA by Counseling Outfitters, LLC (Garry R. Walz and Jeanne C. Bleuer) as a means of capturing the ideas, information, and experiences generated by the annual ACA conventions. The first edition, containing 33 articles related to the 2004 ACA Convention, was produced in both a print and CD format. In 2005, only a print version containing 71 articles was published. In 2006, a print version containing 52 articles was published; and an online database of those articles plus 60 additional convention-related articles was developed. In 2007, 30 articles were added to the online database, but no print version was produced. To celebrate its fifth year in 2008, a special anniversary publication was produced that included 30 of the 64 articles selected for inclusion in VISTAS Online. In 2009, a print version containing 30 articles was published; and an additional 58 articles and presentations from ACA, NCDA, and ACES were added to the online collection.

VISTAS Online contains the full text of over 700 articles published to date. The articles are organized by year. To begin your search, click on one of the years at the left. This will take you to a list of the articles by title. Clicking on an article title in any of the lists will take you to the full text of that article. To return to the list, click on the back arrow of your browser. For further information, contact Jillian Barr Joncas at:

The VISTAS volumes below are out of print.

Compelling Counseling Interventions: VISTAS 2009
edited by G. Walz, J. Bleuer, & R. Yep


Compelling Couseling Interventions:
Celebrating VISTAS' Fifth Anniversary
edited by G. Walz, J. Bleuer, & R. Yep

VISTAS: Compelling Perspectives on Counseling 2006
edited by G. Walz, J. Bleuer, & R. Yep


VISTAS: Compelling Perspectives on Counseling 2005
edited by Garry Walz & Richard Yep


VISTAS: Perspectives on Counseling 2004
edited by Garry Walz & Richard Yep

Contains 52 articles on current and emerging issues in all counseling settings

  Contains 71 articles based on presentations at the 2005 ACA Convention.   Contains 26 articles from 2004 ACA Convention programs.  

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